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BookMe offers 3 types of services - Silver, Gold Lite and Gold. Refer to the BookMe Services section for more information.

All of our services include the:

  • Appointment and Booking Management System
  • Customer Relationship Management System
  • Online Directory

The Gold Lite and Gold Services also include the use of the telephone based Customer Service Centre.

Therefore, the only difference (apart from the monthly fee) is that the Gold services include the use of the Customer Service Centre.

There are 2 differences between the 2 services:

  1. The Gold Lite service includes 30 free calls per calendar month and the Gold service includes 80 free calls per calendar month
  2. The Gold Lite service is cheaper than the Gold service (see the Pricing and Discounts section for more information)

The simple answer is no. You can cancel your contract with us at anytime by giving us 1 month's notice in writing.

Signing up for Bookme is simple. All you need to do is:

  1. Obtain a full quote and accept it online
  2. Confirm acceptance of the BookMe terms and conditions
  3. Make your initial payment

The above steps should take about 10 minutes.

No software load is required.

To access and use BookMe, all you need is a web browser. We recommend that you use Mozilla Firefox.

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Yes we can help with this.

  • If you can provide us with your customer records in an Excel or CSF format, we can import your records electronically.
  • If you are only able to provide us with customer records in a hardcopy format, we can arrange for the records to be manually entered into BookMe for you

You choose when you load your customer records. You can either do an up front bulk load or you can load records one by one as needed.

We normally recommend that you bulk load your current customer base and then load other customer records as and when required.

Loading a new customer record will be done in about a minute.

No, there is no limit. You can load as many appointments as you like.

BookMe allows you to set up any length of appointment - from 5 minutes to a whole day.

No. All that is needed is a web browser. We recommend that Mozilla Firefox is used.

Yes you can control customer access.

BookMe gives you 3 options:

  1. You customers have no access to your schedule
  2. Your customers can view your schedule(*) online but not make any bookings
  3. Your customers can both view your schedule(*) online and make any bookings

(*) Note. Customers are only able to see details of their own appointments. They are not able to see the details of any other items in your schedule

Yes you can. You can easily set-up a "book now" link from you website which will take the user directly to your schedule on BookMe.

All you need to access BookMe is you BookMe id and password and an internet connection.

You can access BookMe from any computer with an internet access. You can also access BookMe from iPads, smort phones and tablets.

Yes, BookMe can be accessed and used from any cell phone which has an internet connection.

Yes, BookMe can be accessed from an iPad as long as it has an internet connection.

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