Helping receptionists

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Very important people

Often the most visible face of your business, receptionists are normally the primary point of contact for your most valuable assets - your customers!

They play a key role in helping a business run smoothly.

If your receptionist is not operating efficiently and effectively, your business is likely to suffer.

iStock 000015792529XSmallReducing their workload

Most receptionists are normally very busy ... often, too busy!

Using BookMe in your business, will help to significantly reduce your receptionist's administrative workload ... freeing them up to spend more time on your higher value work.

Where BookMe will help your receptionist

The points below siStock 000015939021XSmallhow the areas where most of a receptionist’s time and energy can be taken up … often leaving them with little or no time to do their higher value work.

  • Making appointments
  • Confirming appointments
  • Reminding customers about their appointments
  • Providing information to customers about their appointment

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  • Ensuring your customers know about your prices and your cancellation terms
  • Managing multiple practitioners and / or multiple locations
  • Dealing with customer enquiries
  • Keeping customer information up to date
  • Informing your customers about changes to your availability


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For a maximum monthly fee of R175, our standard system will help with all of the above ... either by automating the tasks or by making it much easier to do the tasks.

For a maximum monthly fee of R475, our Gold Lite service will do everything that the standard system does, plus give you and your receptionist the flexibility to use our Customer Service Centre to handle customer calls as and when required.