Why use BookMe?

A simple and powerful system that provides great benefits


Our clients tell us that BookMe ...

  1. Cuts costs
  2. Saves time
  3. Generates extra business
  4. Enhances customer service
  5. Gives peace of mind

Our clients use BookMe because the benefits they receive easily outweigh the cost of the monthly subscription.

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For more information about the benefits of BookMe, refer to the sections below.

Cutting costs ... saving money

BookMe will cut your costs and save you money by …

  • Significantly reducing the number of:
    • Times that you have to phone your customers
    • Queries or disputes over your cancellation terms
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  • Reducing the appointment related work that you or your receptionist will need to do … which may enable you to reduce your receptionist related costs

Saving time

Automating time consuming activities

BookMe will automatically send out:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Appointment or booking confirmations
  • Information or forms to the customer
Making it easy for you to make and manage your appointments & inform customers of any change in your availability

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Quick and easy access to all information

Providing you with a quick and easy way of managing:

  • Your schedule and your bookings
  • Your customer information and appointment records
  • Multiple schedules and multiple locations
  • Any of your group events

Customers can access their appointment information online

As a result, BookMe will significantly reduce the number of:

  • Calls from customers about their bookings
  • Times that you have to call the customer back

Simplified management of customer records

BookMe reduces time spent in maintaining customer records … because setting up new records is quick and easy and customers are able to update their own information online

Generating extra business

BookMe will help you generate extra income by increasing the number of appointments or bookings that are made with you by:

  • Enabling you to receive bookings 24 / 7
  • Making it much easier for customers to understand what you offer and book with you

It will also:

  • Significantly reduce the number of 'no shows' or late arrivals
  • Improve the exposure of your business by:
    • Creating a "Book Online" link on your website
    • Making it easy to send marketing emails and SMSs to your customers

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Enhancing customer service ... happier customers

Not only will BookMe produce great benefits for you, it will also benefit your customers

  • By allowing them to book their appointments online, you enable them to make and manage their bookings at a time that is convenient for them – even if that is 3am on a Sunday morning!
  • They will be able to quickly find and view details of all of their past and upcoming appointments
  • The appointment confirmation emails you send them will tell them everything they need to know ... they won't have to phone you with questions or waste time during their appointment

Your customers will also benefit from

  • The appointment reminders you send them which will help ensure they remember to attend their appointment
  • Your ability to quickly retrieve their information. If they do phone you with a question about their appointment, you will be able to give them an answer straight away ... no waiting and no phoning back

Peace of mind

BookMe will give you the peace of mind that:

  • Your schedules and your customer information will be available to you anytime and anywhere
  • Even if you are not available, other authorised users in your business can access information about your customers and their appointments
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  • You have made life considerably easier for your customers
    • Providing them with professional appointment confirmation information
    • Telling them everything they need to know … including prices and cancellation terms
  • If you have a receptionist, that they have been freed up to be able to do more valuable work
  • You can’t have duplicated appointments or bookings
  • Your schedules are available to you and your customers anytime and anywhere
  • All your customer and appointment records are safe and secure and … you are meeting the SA legal requirements for information storage

All of those benefits for only R175 per month!

... even less with our volume discounts and special offers