Prices and discounts

Affordable monthly subscription - R175 or less

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BookMe costs a maximum of R175 per month

We charge a subscription fee for every person who has their own schedule and the maximum subscription is R175 per month.

However, for many businesses it is a lot less because we provide attractive volume discounts.

Use the table below to find out how much your monthly subscription would be

How our pricing works

With BookMe, you pay:

  • A monthly fee for every service provider who has a schedule
  • For any SMSs that are sent (see the section below)

That's it ... nothing else!

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Free to stop at any time

At BookMe, we don't believe in tying our clients into long term contracts. If for any reason, you decide that you don't want to continue with BookMe, you can cancel by giving 1 month's notice.

Get even lower fees

By the way, we suggest that you check out our Special Offers to see any additional discounts that we are offering.

iStock 000022561327XSmallFees for SMSs

If you want to use the SMS facilities, then you buy a bundle of SMSs in advance. The table below, shows the price for each SMS bundle and the price per SMS.