What is BookMe

BookMe is South Africa's leading web based appointment management system

For use by many types of businesses ...

BookMe is designed to help any individual or business where customers book …

  • Time with a service provider or practitioner
  • Rooms, facilities or equipment
  • Places on group events like classes, training sessions and workshops

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Providing a full range of features and functionality ...

BookMe provides a wide range of features and functionality that cover all aspects of booking and managing appointments. These include:

online calendar


  • Providing support for:
    • Single or multiple schedules
    • Businesses who have multiple locations
    • Multi disciplinary centres
    • Any type of business
  • Holding details of all:
    • Services that are provided by the business
    • Customers ... name, contact details, medical aid etc.
    • Appointments ... past and future
  • Making it easy for you to book a new appointment or change an existing appointment
  • Giving you the option to allow customers to book with you using a simple online booking wizard
  • Automatically sending customers:
    • Booking confirmation emails ... with the option to include attachments
    • Appointment reminder emails or SMSs
  • Being available from any internet connection
  • Being fully backed up and totally secure
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BookMe ... appointment management made easy!

Want more information?

For more detail about BookMe's features and functionality:

Your schedule online

What is BookMe 8

BookMe enables you to create web based electronic schedules for:

  • Any person whose time can be booked
  • Any space, facility or piece of equipment that can booked
  • Group events like classes, training sessions and workshops

BookMe’s functionality allows you to quickly and easily manage all aspects of your appointments or bookings including new bookings, changes to existing bookings, cancellations and 'did not arrive'.

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Bookings - by you

What is BookMe 10

Booking an appointment into your online schedule is easy.

All that you have to do is ...

  • Find a suitable slot
  • Select the customer
  • Choose the service & save

The whole process will take less than a minute ... the appointment is booked, your schedule is automatically updated and your customer will have been sent their appointment confirmation email.

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Customer Comms


BookMe automatically sends emails or SMSs to your customers to:

  • Confirm any new booking
  • Remind them about any upcoming appointment

Emails can include one or more attachments.

BookMe also includes functionality for you to send emails or SMSs to your customers - with the option to a single customer or multiple customers.

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Bookings - by customers

Image for bookings - by customers

You have the option to allow your customers and other members of the public to book appointments with you online.

If you choose that option, those people will be able to book appointments:

  • From a link on your website
  • Directly from the BookMe system

For both of these options, we provide a booking wizard which enables appointment to be booked quickly and easily.

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Your services

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Details of each of your services are held in the system including:

  • Name
  • Duration
  • Price

If you have multiple service providers in your business, the system will record the services that each person is able to deliver.

Your service information is used when booking a new appointment and is also included in the appointment confirmation emails.

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Managing customers

What is BookMe 5

BookMe holds information about all of your customers and every appointment Therefore, you can easily retrieve and view details of any:

  • Customer
  • Previous appointment
  • Future appointment

You can also use the system to send emails and SMSs to your customers.

Any customer who has registered, will be able to go online to view their own appointment records and to update their own details.

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